Can you image how a macOS update made this blog a reality? Yhea, there's a story there.

I think that you will learn a lot more about me by reading what I write.

I don't define myself as a web developer, husband, male etc. Therefore, you won't find here content surrounding a single concept. There will be variety. Just like in real life.

It will also be a real blog. Unlike your Instagram feed, there will be unglamorous stuff. Not-so-catchy headlines. No ads.

This is a place of experiment. For me. I'm a firm believer in constant learning - at all ages.

If this blog helps at least one person, then it achieved it's mission. And I'm happy.

However, I will not force myself to publish for the sake of writing. Expect irregular schedule. It's probably best to subscribe to RSS.

You will probably stumble upon some recurring themes, such as:

  • there is no universal truth
  • everything is relative
  • experimenting reveals the answers to any question you might have
  • finding balance is key #balance

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