My latest work is as Chief Technology Officer at Omniconvert

Here is a list of things that I managed to do:

  • Detached the reporting side in one of the products so that the Data Team can work independently and provide higher throughput.

  • Supervised the E2E Test suit migration from Selenium to Cypress, leading to a significant increase in runtime speed, allowing the team to intervene faster when issues occurred.

  • Added, for the first time, data quality checks with real-time alerts. This allowed the team to be aware of data importing issues before finding out from the customers.

  • Introduced a new Support Triage system to decrease the pressure on the engineering team, leading to an increase of velocity.

  • Completely revamped the engineering documentation for end users, leading to an increase in satisfaction and decrease in the number of support tickets.

  • Introduced a mechanism to upgrade older parts of the legacy system. This enabled the team to develop new features in an environment with latest version of PHP and Symfony.

  • Kick-started an initiative to sync UI between the 2 projects, leading to an increase in user satisfaction.

  • Created dashboards to be used for internal analytics to help in product management, leading to a better ability for the management to data-driven decisions.

  • Introduced a live, public, Status Page for one of the products as well as an on-call rotation mechanism for the engineering department.

  • Deployed logs + error collection systems with filtering and real-time alert system.

  • Introduced Feature Flags to increase agility and time to market for feedback.

  • Held internal workshops company-wide to increase the technical literacy and encourage use of AI where applicable.

  • [MOST IMPORTANT] Started a cultural change for the engineering team to become much more agile. This lead to changes in the way they organized, the way they worked, the code written, the PRs created, the planning process etc. Having this, allowed the team to have their very first Quarterly Roadmap completed > 80%.

  • Introduced serverless tech to increase quality of services offered
  • Introduced the first CI pipelines.
  • Performed upgrades to the Clickhouse servers to enable better performance and offer more functionality. Also upgraded Jenkins, Jira, Redis and others. Made Jira configuration changes and automation setup as well.
  • Introduced the first Unit Tests on the Critical Paths.
  • Performed R&D to test new possibilites and technologies.
  • Introduced Code Analysis and implemented rules so that the entire team will adhere to the same quality standards.
  • Helped with inter-departmental workflows.
  • Configured an internal Wiki system together with RBAC.
  • Improved data compliance.
  • Improved the internal documentation.
  • Added automated security checks to be aware of outdated, at-risk 3rd-party software packages that are used.
  • Created PoCs to determine the viability of an idea and to provide knowledge for better planning and implementation.
  • Defined KPIs for the engineering department and growth objectives + monitoring.
  • Helped with hiring procedures, tests and involved in the actual process.
  • Deployed a Password Manager solution company-wide.
  • Improved technical audit templates.
  • Participated in meetings with customers to better understand their needs and better define scope of work.

Now everything was not sunshine and rainbows of course. Let's be real. I also failed more than once. Here are the biggest ones:

  • Sometimes struggled to decline requests, causing me to take on too much and work excessively.
  • Did not allocate sufficient resources towards improving the Developer Experience to the extent that I desired.

About this blog

Can you image how a macOS update made this blog a reality? Yhea, there's a story there.

I think that you will learn a lot more about me by reading what I write.

I don't define myself as a web developer, husband, male etc. Therefore, you won't find here content surrounding a single concept. There will be variety. Just like in real life.

It will also be a real blog. Unlike your Instagram feed, there will be unglamorous stuff. Not-so-catchy headlines. No ads.

This is a place of experiment. For me. I'm a firm believer in constant learning - at all ages.

If this blog helps at least one person, then it achieved it's mission. And I'm happy.

However, I will not force myself to publish for the sake of writing. Expect irregular schedule. It's probably best to subscribe to RSS.

You will probably stumble upon some recurring themes, such as:

  • there is no universal truth
  • everything is relative
  • experimenting reveals the answers to any question you might have
  • finding balance is key #balance

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