Dreaming about the future of hiring and CVs

What a possible future could look like

storydev 18 May 2024

The customer's journey and feedback

So many touchpoints, such schewed data

e-commerce 13 April 2024

On Technical Debt

And similarities with a baby pacifier

devstory 20 March 2024

KPIs are tricky

Setting the wrong ones might make more of a mess rather than help you

agency-life 14 March 2024

Facebook and Instagram Pause

Yesterday, Meta's product were down. A lot of people were unable to login into their accounts.

Most complaints were related to Facebook and Instagram but some mentioned WhatsApp as well.

Regardless, I would like to thank Meta for giving many people a one-hour break from everything.

You should do this more often, as more people will benefit from this.

balance 6 March 2024

What does it really mean to be focused?

It involves saying no. But with a twist.

balance 11 February 2024

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