Be careful what you wish for

A cautionary tale

Created on 13 June 2024.

This is exactly one of those advices that you get, and you don't really take it in consideration, right?

Well, hear me out because this happened to me, and it's wild, I'll tell you.

And here's the background. About a month ago, I was complaining to almost everybody in my inner circle that I wished that I could spend more time with my son. That I don't like the fact that I work so much and that I can't spend some quality time together. By the time I finish up work, he is sound asleep.

On the other side, there's the wife who was complaining (mostly to me but still) a lot that she's tired, that the child is heavy, and she can't really keep holding him so much time. And she kind of wishes that she didn't have to do it, it's awful.

And then what happened? “Somebody” thought to grant our wishes! Because in a way, they kind of fit, they were kind of similar and lo and behold… what happened?

An accident where the wife fell, broke her arm and now for six weeks, she has to keep it in a cast. What does this mean?

Well, she can't hold the baby so, hey, your wish was granted. And also, I have to take more care of the baby and therefore, I get to spend more time with the baby.

So again, our wishes were granted - in a way

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, be very, very careful what you wish for.

Thank you.

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