Dreaming about the future of hiring and CVs

What a possible future could look like

Created on 18 May 2024.

I like dreaming sometimes and this is one of my latest ones. It involves the blockchain technology and your resume or CV.

From my perspective, we should reach a point in time where each person's CV or resume is automatically filled in with data based on your activity and collaborations with various entities, companies and so on through the use of smart contracts.

You would probably have a wallet… I don't know, the actual implementation details are not that important at this point.

So you would choose your template, choose the way you want to look, sure, fine, that's not an issue, but the actual data is generated automatically from the public information available on the blockchain. Select some bits of pieces, what you want to show, what you don't want to show, maybe there are some private stuff there and that's it.

Each resume is or can be verified independently. Actually, I don't even have to request a resume from you as a recruiter. I can just generate it (with your approval, I mean). Something like “hey I would like to view your experience can I?” and you would confirm, and they would just get the data in whatever format they want and filter things out easily and do their own things etc.

I think it's nice for most people -- not for all because I'm sure that some activities, some areas require much more privacy, and you wouldn't want to display that, but that can be handled: let's say don't include sensitive names, company names or even industries, but include the general domain, the time period so that you can extrapolate from the information how many years of experience that person has; how much time he spent working with X technology and so on.

This is tied a lot with another dream/idea of mine of using Web3 and NFTs for certifications!

I sign up for a course and I take it, I do the homework, I answer the questions from the surveys and at the end of it I get officially certified by that entity. Then I can make this public in a blockchain and everybody can verify that.

I do have that cloud certification, or I have been following up on my latest Google Analytics whatever training. That's also powerful to have because it's beneficial for you who has those certifications: they can be checked easily, you don't have to jump through hoops on various different platforms.

It's a good thing for the issuer, the entity that provides training/courses. They could easily have data available such as:

  • how many people signed up
  • look how many people have taken our course and that's verifiable information, not just a number added on a website
  • and maybe even go further: the people who got these certifications, where are they now? 90% are working in the industry. 5% are working at whatever companies; I don't know, stuff like that, which is kind of cool for them, I believe.

Will this fix everything that is currently wrong with the hiring process? Certainly not!

But at least it will streamline a lot of the operational aspects that don't really provide much value to anybody.

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