A twist on wars

Imagine how it could be different

Created on 15 May 2022.

For many, "war" is nothing more than a word written in history books. For others, "war" is a word shown in social media feeds. For the less fortunate, "war" describes something that's part of their daily lives.

Up until recently, I was part of the first group, mostly. I moved into the second group when Ukraine started having Russian troops deployed on their territory.

No matter your feelings toward Russia and Russians or towards the USA and Americans or China or anybody else, what has happened is just wrong. If you have beef with the Americans and the way they invaded other foreign countries, it is by no means an excuse to support the actions of Putin. Or to stop sending support to Ukraine.

But I digress. What I actually wanted to reveal is something a bit different.

During the last few months, I've had the opportunity to read more than I imagined about the military. I read about different types of weapons, vehicles, and troops. I've been fascinated about military strategy and analysis.

The highlights were information about how to operate an action of this magnitude and the entire logistics behind. I found that to be fascinating. Unfortunately, humans have a long history, and thus experience, with war. So there are a lot of learned lessons.

The amount of effort and coordination needed to plan and execute a military operation is by no means a small feat. And here's my though. Here's where I dare to dream.

Imagine that we stop this war. Then, imagine that we stop all other ongoing wars.

Next, imagine that all the training for everybody involved will still be there. With a small twist. One more thing to image: that all the budgets of each country for all military structures will be the same, with a twist.

The twist is: instead of funding wars, we will fund humanity. Instead of learning how to fight amongst ourselves, we learn how to help each outer.

Just dare to imagine!

Let's start by recognizing that various research that was initially done for military purposes, ended up in the "civilian" industry and economy. Advancements in materials, technology and so on.

So we have this precedence. We can build on top of that. Just think if all the time and energy to attack another country, or to defend from attacks, would be invested in attacking important issues our society has.

My guess is that if starting tomorrow we could redirect everything into something else, we could actually fix the problems that we caused to the climate. We could fix world hunger. People would not die prematurely because of lack of access to clean water. We would reach the start faster and safer. We would invent new ways to sustain ourselves and so on.

Not only that, we wouldn't get bored. There will still be challenges. But different in nature.

I will keep dreaming a little bit longer. And then I will do whatever I can to make progress towards this dream. It will probably not happen in my lifetime. But it is a damn beautiful dream.

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