How to stick to your plans

Part II of my system

Last updated on 2 January 2024. Created on 12 January 2022.

In the previous article, I wrote about having a system in place for your life objectives that are usually set around New Year's Eve.

The system provides a macro view on all of them, and it helps with setting them up clearly so that you will know better what needs to be done.

Still, even under these circumstances it is still too easy for life to just happen and loose focus.

"It is still too easy for life to just happen and loose focus"

In my opinion, the reason we end up breaking our own promises is because we try to do too many things at once. (the very definition of not having focus, right?)

Most of the time, each objective that we have needs some sort of change to happen. And, as we know oh so well, humans are creatures of habits.

So where do we end up?

We try working on a number of different things, each requiring something from us to be done differently than what we are used to. And if we are talking about those big, bold objectives, the changes are likely to influence your routine as well.

Changing your routine is tricky. So why do we try making multiple changes in a short period of time?

This is what usually happens in January, right? Many people promised to be healthier, so they make a subscription to the gym. They also promise themselves to maybe buy a new car. So they start by putting some money aside. And a couple of more items.

Why everything starts failing in February? Because the way we implemented all of these changes is not sustainable.

Buying a subscription to the gym is the easy part. Showing up at the gym is a bit harder. Showing up three times a week can be really difficult.

You need two things for really difficult stuff. Some determination and a bit of planning.

Determination is key here

The thing is that our determination reserves can be depleted quite fast. When you lack determination, you cannot continue doing things by sheer will. This is where all the planning helps. Making small changes, small objectives lead to seeing results. Achieving small goals, achieving small results, boosts your confidence and determination.

As a bonus, you can do various things that will help to lower the need for sheer will to do something.

We find ourselves with a limited resource - determination. And yet many choose to not use it wisely. Without focus, you start spending determination on all of your objectives at once. Once you emptied the tank, you stop doing things. Because you stopped so early, there was not enough time for the changes to be implemented or to achieve any kind of results. Therefore, you end up demotivated. And thus the cycle continues.

"We find ourselves with a limited resource - determination. And yet many choose to not use it wisely"

Having focus means concentrating your resources on one thing. This ends up making permanent changes in your life. Your daily routine might change. You might develop a new habit etc. These changes will start making their small contribution daily towards your objectives.

After some time passes, this daily contribution will be made without consuming your determination pool. As such, you are now ready to use that resource and focus on a new objective. And this is why I believe my system works.

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