Instant Feedback is important when unsure

How and when to include instant feedback in your apps for better UX


Last updated on 25 April 2022. Created on 23 April 2022.

A small lesson I've just been reminded of: When a user is unsure, it helps a lot to receive instant feedback. Usually, on the web this means instant visual feedback whenever possible.

Here's how I got the reminder. It was a normal, yet busy day. Half of it already gone. I just noticed that our cat was not as active as he usually is. Basically who was sleeping all day long. Which is unlike him.

The cat exhibited an unusual behavior. I found myself in a new situation where I was unsure of what was happening. I went near him and started petting him, still unsure if anything is wrong or not. In about 3 seconds he started purring. That's when I knew that everything is fine, and I should not be worried.

A similar situation can happen to any user when browsing a website or when using an app. He might find himself in a different situation to which he is accustomed to. In his journey, you should pour some time to research where are the points where this might happen. And introduce this "instant feedback" element. Or reinforcement.

This way you will make it much easier for him to continue.

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