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Never forget who is in control

Last updated on 4 April 2023. Created on 2 April 2023.

When I started this blog, the only interesting platform at that time, for me, was Twitter.

This is the reason it was also the only external link in the menu of this blog. Things have changed though.

I use Twitter much less than in the past. I still find some value in it from time to time. However, with so many changes going on, I am not confident at this point that it would make any sense to post anything there.

I wasn't necessarily looking for a replacement, but I spent more time on LinkedIn. First, because I wanted to connect with fellow developers. And I wanted to do that faster and more targeted. It was easier to find people with experience in a certain technology, who had worked maybe in a certain place, and from whom I could learn.

Even since 2022, I wanted to publish things. To write my own thoughts and ideas. But never got around to doing it. Either because I lacked confidence that I could write anything of interest, or lack of time.

I have to tell you that I was also biased in a way. I had this notion in my head that all those accounts that put a lot of posts -- like to talk but don't walk the walk. Tainted with the idea that all "influencers" are fake.

I was lucky to have met some wonderful people that have demonstrated that it is possible: you can publish posts on LinkedIn quite regularly, and you can do the actual work. Do it well, I might add. Denis ńĆahuk is one such person.

Having a "real-world" example helps a lot. Side note: this is perhaps one of the reasons why having a mentor is really valuable.

So I started publishing some ideas here and there on LinkedIn. But one week in, it hit me. What happened to Twitter can happen to LinkedIn as well. Right? Or my account could get hacked and lose access. Or get banned for who-knows-what reason.

Writing on this blog is also an activity I have missed. So these two recent events triggered this: a small change really -- I will try to keep my activity on LinkedIn as best as I can at this point. And some (most?) of what I will publish there will also show up here as "short stories". Effectively acting as a mirror repository.

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