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Last updated on 20 June 2022. Created on 24 January 2021.

In 2016 I wrote my first blog post on Medium. I have no recollection as to what prompted me to do that back then.

What I do know is the lack of consistency that I had. Let's look at a basic statistic. The number of articles written in one year:

  • 2016: 5
  • 2017: 1
  • 2018: 0
  • 2019: 5
  • 2020: 5

Total: 16

Prior to writing this post I had no idea. I laughed seeing that I probably had an unconscious limit of 5 per year.

The most popular article is:

Others worth mentioning are:

Why make the switch?

If I look at the stats, I could see that some important ones were improving (including the internal source traffic). Probably most folks would double-down, write more, write better, engage with others etc.

I knew I wanted to write more often. But I also wanted to learn various new things. And I wanted to own my content.

Plus some other small things not really worth mentioning here.

The good news is that I managed to do all of them by creating this space you are visiting right now.

As for stats, in 2020 I wrote, again, 5 articles here :) In my defense, I started in December, so that's good.

I am going to miss all the wonderful graphics from Medium. And the interface was pleasant most of the time. The visibility boost was also something cute.

Alas, I'm happy. Even though this journey is just beginning, I've learned so much more than I planned or imagined. It's a process that I recommend.

Wish you, dear reader, to be well and be bold.

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