What does it really mean to be focused?

It involves saying no. But with a twist.

Created on 11 February 2024.

Many successful individual have stated that an important factor in achieving success is having a clear and unwavering focus on one's goals; to be concentrated on one thing at a time. As time has gone by, this advice to “be focused” has been complemented with another piece of guidance: “learn to say no”.

I think that learning to say no is a bit more practical. Thus, it becomes more useful. And, as such, it has a higher chance of being more popular over time.

I've known for years that I need to be focused. And I also knew and learned that I have to say “no” more often.

But it wasn't enough. However, an old video I watched of John Ive made things perfectly clear for me.

It matters to what you say "no" to

The main point of that video was that if you are asked to do something that you are not interested in, and you say no -- that doesn't count!

What counts is saying no to things that excite you! Things that you wake up in the morning thinking about them. Yet, you will say no because you are focused on something else.

This realization changed everything for me. I hope it can help you out as well.

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