House visitors and our cat don't mix well

Failing to understand how this cat behaves

story 29 May 2021

Different ways to handle errors when building an API

I found that developers have two main ways when creating an API do deal with errors and status code

dev 2 April 2021

What privacy-focused analytics services can you use today?

Alternatives to Google Analytics

web 27 March 2021

1Password and Yubikey

If you have a YubiKey and want to use it with 1Password the instructions tell you to go to your Profile, and somewhere there click on Add new device/key. One caveat: the option will not show if you don't have 2FA active.

So, you first need to enable 2FA via an app, and then you can add your YubiKey.

web 26 March 2021

We should pay more attention to our eating behaviour

How you can improve your productivity and health with small changes.

balance 18 February 2021

Configure xDebug 3 and VSCode with Docker

Some gotchas while setting these up together with nginx Alpine and PHP-FPM

dev 31 January 2021

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