Impressions on "Learn to build"

A couple of thoughts after finishing this book

Created on 19 October 2023.

Having recently finished the book "Learn to Build" by Bob Moesta, it occurred to me that I have already written 2 separate posts on this blog where referenced ideas from this book.

I see no point at the moment to repeat myself. So I invite you to read about the link between TDD and being an Innovator and how Being Agile takes many shapes.

One more beautiful thing that resonated with me a lot in this period comes from Chapter 5 of the book.

"Most people don't prototype to learn; they prototype to confirm a hypothesis with A/B testing. Why? Because we're taught that we should already have the answer based on theory"

What I would add here, actually, is that most people don't prototype at all. So let's take that into consideration first. But if you do, this is a different perspective which can be easily applied in software engineering and product management/development.

The book itself is about the 5 skills any innovator and entrepreneur needs. It emphasizes that it's more important to have all of them. Or bits and pieces from each, instead of being very strong in one or two and not have the remaining ones at all.

The examples provided are pretty good.

It's also nice to see how the same 5 skills have been applied in creating the book, putting a further emphasis that it's not just a theoretical book with theoretical suggestions which are impractical.

Having said this, I am also confident that the reason I wrote so much about this book and got so much inspiration from it is related to timing. So your mileage may vary.

No matter your current context, reading this book will be either a good idea or an excellent one :)

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