Reasons for the "Agency Life" topic

Because it matters

Created on 20 April 2022.

The "origin" story comes from asking myself big hard questions and not being able to answer them. You can read more about this here.

Things are starting to evolve a bit. From just an idea to... an idea and a plan. The other two topics mentioned in the origin story seem to be going in direction where the written word is not the main medium. This topic however, I think it will remain a classic.

Come on Vladi, stop rambling. Why did you decide to write about this particular topic?

Sorry about that. I sometimes get lost in my own freeway of thoughts and ideas.

I think the reason is quite simple. It's all about my history and experience: along the years I've worked with many agencies. I've worked at some agencies. And I even owned an agency.


One strong point is that I have been lucky enough to work at different types of agencies:

  • performance media (PPC)
  • web design & development
  • SEO
  • branding
  • CRO & CVO

Different domains, different type of clients, different type of work. Bringing results was the only thing in common between all of them.

I can tell you from the start that working in a company which offers services to multiple clients is quite different from working at 'single-client' type of company.

The skill set required for the same role (be it project manager, web developer, graphic designer etc.) is also different. (I think this topic would go well into a separate post.)

Ok, so this is it. These are the reasons. I think that sharing ideas such as these might prove beneficial for students looking to get their first serious job. Or for people looking to make a career switch or a "standard" change of job. Whatever the use case, the mantra is the same. If it provided value for a single person out there, then mission accomplished.

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