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It matters on what you focus on

Last updated on 18 February 2024. Created on 14 April 2022.

The TV was on. Someone was zapping. Main topics: inflation, recession, Ukrainian War and, of course, teleshopping.

Scrolled through social media. Main topics: inflation, elections with extremists, war, Covid and, of course, ads. Plus someone arguing with someone else.

On the phone with my family: bad weather, bad health, inflation.

Great topics, right?

This wasn't even a special day. I think that most people go through this each and every day.

My TV usage is really low (some hours per month). My social media usage is under self-monitoring and software imposed time limits. And I don't enjoy that much talking on the phone. So the amount of exposure is reduced compared to the average, I presume.

Even so, it can still be hard to have anything else on your mind. Yet this is the most important thing that one can do.

What you focus your attention on, determines the course of your day, week and life. -- myself

Side note, I have an irregularly updated collection of quotes gathered in my Public Brain (this sentence sound really weird, right?). They are all quotes that I came across personally. Nothing from articles, social media posts etc.

Ok Vladi, so what the heck do you focus on?

Hold on, I will get there. I was just trying to make my point with some examples.

My focus goes to a lot of things. Some days I find myself wasting time thinking about my currently crappy financial situation and adjusting budgets. Making budgets is a fantastic thing. Might be boring, but useful.

But I don't update budgets every day, and it doesn't take up that much time. So I usually read a book (check out the books section), tinker with the computer, play around with some programming language, read stuff online about e-commerce, watch YouTube tutorials on various subjects such as: science and history and I also listen to music.

So there's a lot to choose from, right? But lately, I kept wondering about my journey. About myself. My role in this world.

Asking the big questions, leads to making big changes

I have three new topics I will write about and be more involved in:

Each topic will have a dedicated page with my reasons. (Hopefully I will remember to update the internal links I added internal links).

These topics will be found as tags on this blog. Naturally, they will appear alongside the others on the footer of the homepage (as per the current blog design).

How seemingly different topics connect and make more sense

Before making updates to this tags list, I was going through the old ones. Currently, the list is: web, story, domain intersection, remote, e-commerce, dev, balance, apps and books.

I believe that each new topic/tag that I will introduce is somehow deeply connected with one of the existing ones.

#agencylife is connected with #web, #e-commerce and #dev. #careerswitch is connected with #domain-intersection and #remote. #womenintech is connected with #story and #dev.

What does this mean? Not completely sure but my guess is that this means that it something I should be doing and focusing more on. Narrowing the topics a bit, going into more depth can be more rewarding.

More importantly, it can be of much more use to somebody.

And I can assure you, the plans I have in my mind right now will take me clearly outside my comfort zone. And yet, I am not afraid.

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