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Created on 21 April 2022.

I started out rambling about stuff such as 'What am I doing on this planet?'. The new project plans post goes into greater detail so make sure to read that as well to get a better sense of things. After that, I started a couple of posts going into specifics about why each of those topics where on my mind. Why I considered them important.

But the end result was quite blurry. For you and me. It's time to unravel the mystery. Or, better yet, to make my ideas and actions more precise.

What do all these posts indicate? The answer: Yet another podcast! What is the name of the podcast? Change Directive.

The format of the podcast will be a two-person interview.

What's the topic? Who will be invited in this podcast?

The main topic will be #career-switch. People who have, at one point, decided to make a change in their life and to pursuit their passion. To follow their heart. It will be about people who quit their job as accountants and became entrepreneurs opening up a small coffee-shop.

Or people who simply said "I am ready to start over and do something I care about", after years of working in a different industry or role. I'm also looking for young people who maybe graduated from law school but decided to take a hard turn and started building wood houses. If there was a significant change in your career I want to hear about it. The good, the bad and everything in between.

I was, and continue to be, inspired by people who have demonstrated the courage to take risks and to take a leap of faith in doing something they love.

In addition to this, together with the #women-in-tech topic, I'm hoping that sometimes I will be able to hit two birds with one stone. Invite someone that has made a career switch who is also a woman working in the tech industry.

What's the purpose of this Change Directive podcast?

Life is too short. So maybe all we need is a little push. A little inspiration. That's the main purpose. To inspire someone else to make a decision in the right direction.

But we also need guidance. Hearing the story of others can be a source of inspiration and a source of knowledge. How did they do it? What should I think about? What should I avoid? Who can I reach out for help?

But, Vladi, you are an introvert!?

Yes! That's true. It's also true that I don't possess a native storytelling talent. So why would I do a podcast? Isn't it crazy? It is, a little.

However, while storytelling is not my strong suite, I do have a particular talent that might be good for this: listening. I love listening to people and discovering their stories. I'm hoping that with a bit of work and practice I will be able to be a decent host.

So you really are serious about this?

Indeed, I am! I'm doing this for sure. I haven't got the slightest idea about equipment, process or anything else. But I will learn.

Still not convinced? I even bought the domain! If that doesn't show how serious I am, I don't know what does!

So, what now?

If you reached all the way down here, thank you for taking the time! You can help me by recommending this article to someone. You can also help me by talking with people who might fit the description from above. Put me into contact with them.

Or put them into contact with me. How can anybody reach me?

  • You can write a good old-fashioned email using this address: me @;
  • There's my @vladiiancu Twitter account;
  • Via my LinkedIn is another way to go;

Lastly, you can reach me using my phone number if we know each other well enough.

When the first episode will be live, I will update this post with all the details. See ya!

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