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Facebook and Instagram Pause

Yesterday, Meta's product were down. A lot of people were unable to login into their accounts.

Most complaints were related to Facebook and Instagram but some mentioned WhatsApp as well.

Regardless, I would like to thank Meta for giving many people a one-hour break from everything.

You should do this more often, as more people will benefit from this.

balance 6 March 2024

What does it really mean to be focused?

It involves saying no. But with a twist.

balance 11 February 2024

Own your platform

Never forget who is in control

webstorybalance 2 April 2023

What about the client

Is the client always right or wrong?

balanceagency-life 21 October 2022

Find balance by being close to nature

A personal theory on how taking things for granted leads to inbalance

balance 27 June 2022

Flip side of a reading challenge

At first it was fun.

balance 18 January 2022

How to stick to your plans

Part II of my system

balance 12 January 2022

Making plans and promises for the new year - what not to do

Breaking out of this yearly tradition. Here's my system (part I).

balance 10 January 2022

Impressions on "Grit"

A couple of thoughts after finishing this book

booksbalance 24 October 2021

Most people just talk about sustainability

Change doesn't happen in a vacuum. We must make it

balance 21 June 2021

We should pay more attention to our eating behaviour

How you can improve your productivity and health with small changes.

balance 18 February 2021
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