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Doing CI/CD with Gitea

New features provides excelent value

dev 22 January 2024

Being an on-call engineer

Tough but necessary

dev 22 January 2024

Front-end Tech Experiments at Omniconvert

Allocated half a day to experiment with new tech

dev 21 January 2024

Are all CTOs the same?

Is the CTO role defined similarly everywhere?

dev 27 October 2023

Being Agile takes many different shapes

There is definitely not one-size fits all situation here. And there are many perspectives that need alignment

dev 17 October 2023

The link between TDD and innovators

How writing tests for your software can get you closer to being an innovator

booksdev 19 April 2023

What is a good startup?

A good startup = idea x execution x timing + listening to the customers.

One common pitfall is focusing too much on the idea and not enough on the execution.

The execution needs to be good, yet fast. You cannot afford architecting the "best" system, implementing the "best" code etc.

It's a good idea to take on some tech debt but only if you make sure to take care of it.

It's a delicate balance.

dev 2 April 2023

What management thinks a developer does

What management thinks a developer does:

  • drinks coffee ☕
  • writes code ✒️

What a developer actually does:

  • drinks coffee ☕ or tea 🍵
  • reads and understands previously written code ✅
  • communicates and plans new features ✅
  • challenges plans and provides estimates ⏲️
  • makes design decisions before starting to implement 🤔
  • writes tests 🧠
  • writes code ✒️
dev 31 March 2023

Different types of companies for a developer

For those thinking of a tech carrer

agency-lifedevcareer-switch 26 July 2022

What is your purpose?

There's no difference between an IT admin and a CTO

storydev 25 July 2022

What makes a developer stand out?

Realising what really matters when hiring or firing a developer

dev 6 April 2022

Different ways to handle errors when building an API

I found that developers have two main ways when creating an API do deal with errors and status code

dev 2 April 2021

Configure xDebug 3 and VSCode with Docker

Some gotchas while setting these up together with nginx Alpine and PHP-FPM

dev 31 January 2021

Unbaked Digital Ocean Apps Platform

How the dream of one-click deploy fell apart.

dev 15 January 2021

Stress Test your PHP App with POST Requests

Send multiple POST requests with some JSON to test the performance of your app

dev 6 January 2021
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