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Be careful what you wish for

A cautionary tale

story 13 June 2024

Dreaming about the future of hiring and CVs

What a possible future could look like

storydev 18 May 2024

On Technical Debt

And similarities with a baby pacifier

devstory 20 March 2024

Own your platform

Never forget who is in control

webstorybalance 2 April 2023

How I made the choice between a 4K monitor and an Ultrawide one

Sometimes it's easier that it would seem

story 11 September 2022

What is your purpose?

There's no difference between an IT admin and a CTO

storydev 25 July 2022

A twist on wars

Imagine how it could be different

story 15 May 2022

Repeated events lead to pondering questions

When life gives you signals that you should asks yourself some questions

story 15 February 2022

Confidence in your answers

The pursuit of definitive actions

story 28 November 2021

Giving up on HP printers

Nerve-racking experience made me reconsider things

storyapps 3 October 2021

Is lack of sleep a superpower?

A story about my relation with sleeping

story 15 August 2021

House visitors and our cat don't mix well

Failing to understand how this cat behaves

story 29 May 2021

Switch from Medium

story 24 January 2021

How this blog started

The beginning of this journey in this place

story 2 December 2020
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